Wind power forecasts

Wind power forecasts

We have developed a method specifically for wind energy to generate accurate and site specific wind (power) forecasts at hub height.
The wind (power) forecasts are generated with a local high-resolution atmospheric model covering the greater wind farm area, which is tuned with measurements. Furthermore we apply a technique to include site-specific characteristics of a wind farm and/or different turbine locations in the forecast, such as

  • Local environmental conditions and influences
  • Positioning of wind turbines
  • Characteristics of turbine locations and influences

The following forecast information is generated for specific turbine locations or for the wind farm as a whole

  • Power output
  • Wind speed and direction at hub height
  • Ice growth
  • Air density
  • Pressure
  • Temperature
  • Relative humidity

Other atmospheric parameters / phenomena like vertical wind shear, temperature inversions, ramping events can be provided as well.

To support installation activities and for optimising wind farm Operations and Maintenance (O&M) we provide detailed weather and oceanographic forecast information.

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