Climate is what we expect, weather is what we get

Our hindcast services give you a better understanding of the expected metocean conditions for planning and design of future operations.
Our reliable, project specific weather forecasts give you the right information to better act upon the weather conditions affecting your operations.


We run the latest models and use the most advanced techniques to generate accurate historical weather data anywhere around the world.
Our hindcast datasets of wind, waves and currents go back to 1979. These datasets offer key baseline information for your project.

Our marine forecast solutions can be configured to whatever detail required, for example providing the wave conditions behind an island, throughout an oil field, along a cable route or in a port entrance. We provide the forecast information that you need, where you need it.

We have developed a method specifically for wind energy to generate accurate and site specific wind forecasts at hub height.
The wind forecasts are generated with a local high-resolution atmospheric model which is “trained” with observations to include site-specific characteristics of the wind farm / different turbine locations in the forecast.

Our team has a profound knowledge of the regional ocean processes and we have well-established methodologies for metocean data analysis.
Our expertise is based on a broad range of project experience, coupled with a thorough understanding of the metocean data requirements and analysis techniques required for offshore developments.

We offer different services for optimisation and analysis of offshore operations. For workability analyses / downtime assessment for offshore operations we use analytical techniques including non-exceedence / persistence and Sequenced Downtime Analysis. The results are based on operation-specific criteria.

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