Weather and oceanographic services for design, planning and support of operations worldwide



The share of renewable energy keeps growing with an increasing pressure on grid operators. Therefore the need for accurate forecasts of how much power will be fed into the grid at any given moment is becoming increasingly important. Good weather forecasts provide the basis of reliable power forecasts.


Offshore Oil & Gas

The current level of oil prices and the increasing regulatory and safety requirements urges companies to explore all avenues of enhancing operational productivity, efficiency and safety. Analysing operations and evaluating processes allows companies to further optimise their future operations.
Access to accurate metocean data is key to get a better grip on the effects of weather on operations.

Ports & terminals

Managing the impact of severe weather is a crucial aspect of port uptime. This is not only of major importance for port operators, but also for companies relying on the port infrastructure for their day-to-day operations. When the operations in the port are disrupted this can result in cascading effects resulting in overall project downtime /delays.