After successfully completing more than 150 projects, offshore and more recently also onshore, we have further extended our services this year. We developed a power forecast service for wind farms, to offer a complete package to our wind farm clients that have already been relying on our wind and weather data for years. Also we started delivery of fully automated delivery of forecast & nowcast data, which can be requested at your convenience and imported in in-house analysis software.

About BOC MetOcean

BOC MetOcean is a forecasting and metocean consultancy company having it’s offices in The Netherlands. Since 2010 we support our clients with projects in all oceans and seas, from open water to shallow water locations. We can build upon a broad experience of carrying out metocean projects in all major development areas around the world. Project experience includes marine weather forecasting, metocean design criteria studies, workability analyses and operational planning issues, planning and support of offshore and coastal operations and special transports. All of these projects / studies involve metocean data provision and analysis and often numerical modelling of meteorological and oceanographic processes.
We focus on providing high quality information and services to clients which are highly dependant on accurate environmental information for their day-to-day work. All services are based on the latest numerical modelling techniques and/or built on high quality metocean databases.
We listen to your needs and provide solutions to suit your specific metocean demand.
Together with our partners we can offer services worldwide, meeting your specific requirements and for the most challenging environments, no matter at what location or in which conditions.

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