Privacy Policy & Cookies

Privacy Policy & Cookies

BOC MetOcean respects the privacy of all users of the (web) site. The information provided by the user is used solely to perform the user-requested actions as well as possible and will take place with the user personally. The information provided will be treated in confidence. Information that comes true other than the user and does not contribute to the user-requested action must be stated by the user at BOC MetOcean so that we can destroy it.


It is possible when the user sends messages via email or by other means to BOC MetOcean that we keep these messages. We will not combine this information with other information we may have. The data will be kept safe at all times.


BOC MetOcean uses cookies to optimize the functionality of certain pages of the website. A cookie is a small text file that is transmitted when opening pages, and if allowed by the user to save the computer. In a cookie, information is stored as certain user preferences. This makes it possible for BOC MetOcean to be better off at the next visit.

The user can decide how to handle cookies. The user can set his browser so that it does not allow, allow or partially allow cookies. In this latter case, you can set which websites to place cookies. For all other websites it will be prohibited. This option is provided by the most common modern browsers. Cookies can always be removed from a computer, via browser.

The use of cookies is also safe. Indeed, no personal information such as phone number or email address can be retrieved from these cookies. Telemarketing and other email activities can not use these cookies. BOC MetOcean is required in some cases to request permission for using cookies and similar techniques and to inform the user about its use on the (web) site. If the user permits this, they can now visit our site without this notice. We want to ensure your privacy and user-friendliness of our (web) site.


Users can access BOC MetOcean with their questions about this Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy. The contact details are listed on the website of BOC MetOcean.


BOC MetOcean is entitled to change the content of the Privacy Policy without notifying the visitor. The implementation of the change on the website is sufficient. BOC MetOcean recommends users to regularly review the Privacy Policy & Cookies. Users can contact BOC MetOcean with their questions about this Privacy Policy & Cookies. The contact details are listed on the website of BOC MetOcean.

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